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   00 Partnerships Handbook.doc  9 
   Appendix 01 Risk Assessment and Due Diligence processes and forms.doc  6 
   Appendix 01a Staff Development Plan templates.doc  3 
   Appendix 02 Flowchart summary of approval process.pdf  2 
   Appendix 03 Risk Assessment and Approval Panel.doc  3 
   Appendix 04 - Partnership Approval.doc  2 
   Appendix 05 Approval of programme collaboration.doc  3 
   Appendix 06 Additional Guidance for Dual Degrees.doc  2 
   Appendix 07 Module Collaboration.doc  2 
   Appendix 08 Articulation Arrangements.docx  2 
   Appendix 08a APCL proforma for articulation proposals.docx  2 
   Appendix 09 Support Provider.doc  2 
   Appendix 10 Approval of Partner Intellectual Property programmes and variations in IP ownership.doc  2 
   Appendix 11 Memoranda of Co-operation other types of agreement.doc  3 
   Appendix 12 Partnership Review.doc  5 
   Appendix 13 Annual Collaborative Review Group ToR.doc  3 
   Appendix 13B Annual Partnership Report template.doc  2 
   Appendix 13C Staff visit report template.doc  2 
   Appendix 13a Annual Review flowchart.pdf  2 
   Appendix 14 Study Abroad Exchange.doc  2 
   Appendix 15 Blended Learning.doc  2 
   Appendix 16 Associate Institution status.doc  2 
   Appendix 17 Collaborative Operational Handbook Template.xlsx  2 
   Appendix 18 Collaborative Provision Teach-out form.doc  2 
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