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   *Committee Handbook 19-20.doc  5 
   Appendix 01 Senate Committee Structure.pdf  1 
   Appendix 02 Senate Extract from the Articles.doc  1 
   Appendix 03 Research and Enterprise Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 04 Student Experience Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 05 Academic Quality and Standards Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 06 Academic Audit and Review Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 07 Faculty Academic Committee.doc  2 
   Appendix 08 Policy Approval Mechanism.doc  1 
   Appendix 09 Inclusive Student Working Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 10 Operational Student Experience Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 11 Other panels,groups and forums.doc  1 
   Appendix 12 Committee paper template.doc  1 
   Appendix 13 Academic Governance Assurance Framework.doc  1 
   Appendix 14 2nd tier committee minute examplar.doc  1 
   Appendix 15 Board of Governors Committee Structure.doc  1 
   Appendix 16 Guidelines for Effective Committee Membership.doc  1 
   Appendix 17 Research Degrees Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 18 Research Ethics Committee.doc  1 
   Appendix 19 Research Degrees Board.doc  1 
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