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 Title  Current Version 
   Absence Management Policy and Procedure.pdf  2 
   Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).docx  1 
   Adoption Leave Policy and Procedure.pdf  3 
   Alcohol Drug Substance Misuse Policy.pdf  1 
   Alcohol Drug Substance Misuse Sources of Help.pdf  1 
   Annual Leave and Bank Holiday Guidance.doc  6 
   Anti-Bribery Fraud and Corruption Policy and Procedure.pdf  1 
   Anti-Money Laundering Policy - April 2017.pdf  1 
   Associate Professorship Development Scheme.doc  3 
   Attendance and Supporting National and International Sporting Events.doc  1 
   BYOD Policy.docx  1 
   Code of Conduct Policy (HR).pdf  3 
   Conducting Investigations Guidance.docx  2 
   Consultancy.docx  1 
   Critical and Terminal Illness Guidance.pdf  1 
   Data Back-Up Policy.docx  1 
   Declarations of Interest Policy.pdf  1 
   Disciplinary Policy and Procedure (UNEL).pdf  2 
   Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.doc  3 
   Equality Analysis Guidance.pdf  2 
   Equality and Inclusion Policy.pdf  2 
   Equality and Inclusion Procedure.pdf  1 
   Ethical and Sustainability Procurement Policy.pdf  1 
   Exit Interview Questionnaire Guidance.pdf  1 
   Facilities Agreement.pdf  1 
   Flexi-time TOIL and Overtime Policy and Procedure.pdf  2 
   Flexible Working Policy and Procedure.pdf  5 
   Freedom of Expression Policy.doc  2 
   GDPR - DPA Policy and Procedures.doc  6 
   GDPR Procedure.pdf  1 
   Gifts and Hospitality Policy and Procedure.pdf  6 
   Gifts and Hospitality Quick Guide.pdf  2 
   Grievance Notification Form.docx  1 
   Grievance Policy and Procedure.pdf  1 
   Induction Guidance for Managers.doc  1 
   Induction Guidance for New Staff.docx  3 
   Job Share Policy.doc  1 
   LGPS Discretions Policy.pdf  2 
   Lecturer to Senior Lecturer Progression Guidance.doc  1 
   Local Induction Checklist.doc  3 
   Maternity Policy and Procedure.pdf  4 
   Mediation Guidance.doc  1 
   Modern Slavery Policy and Procedure 2017.pdf  1 
   Overpayment Policy and Procedure.pdf  2 
   Password Protocol.docx  1 
   Paternity Leave Policy and Procedure.pdf  3 
   Pay and Reward Policy.doc  2 
   Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Policy.pdf  2 
   Performance Management Policy and Procedure.pdf  2 
   Performance and Development Review Policy and Procedure.doc  2 
   Policy - fee waiver children of staff.docx  1 
   Prevent Duty Guidelines.docx  2 
   Prevention of Illegal Working.doc  3 
   Probation Policy and Procedure (UNEL).pdf  2 
   Probation Policy and Procedure.pdf  1 
   Professorship Criteria.doc  2 
   Recruitment Guide for Managers.pdf  2 
   Recruitment and Rentention Supplements.pdf  4 
   Redeployment Policy and Procedure.doc  3 
   Redundancy Policy and Procedure.pdf  5 
   Remuneration Policy for employees outside the JNCHES framework.pdf  1 
   Return to Work Managers Guide .pdf  1 
   Right to Work Guidance.doc  1 
   Secondment Policy and Procedure.pdf  1 
   Shared Parental Leave and Pay Policy and Procedure.pdf  2 
   Social Media Policy.doc  2 
   Staff Development Procedures.docx  1 
   Staff Sexual Harassment Misconduct and Violence Policy.pdf  1 
   Starting Salaries Procedure.doc  2 
   Surveys Policy.docx  1 
   Time off and Special Leave Policy and Procedure.pdf  4 
   Travel and Expenses Policy - November 2015.pdf  2 
   Visiting Professors and Fellows Policy.pdf  1 
   Voluntary Severance Procedure.pdf  2 
   Web Content Plan.pdf  1 
   Whistleblowing Policy.doc  3 
   Working Off Premises Policy and Procedure.pdf  1 
   Workload Planning Guidance.pdf  2 
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