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   BA International Business Communication (Top Up) 18-19.doc  2 
   BA (Hons) Business Management Bloomsbury Institute 20-21.doc  2 
   BA (Hons) Management Degree Apprenticeship.doc  1 
   BA Advertising & Digital Marketing 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Advertising.doc  1 
   BA Business & Management Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Business Entrepreneurship Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Business Studies 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Commerce & International Business 19-20.doc  1 
   BA Creative Business Studies (Sint Lucas NX).doc  1 
   BA Economics.doc  2 
   BA Events Management (Top Up).doc  1 
   BA Events Management 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Fashion Marketing 18-19.doc  3 
   BA Fashion Marketing.doc  2 
   BA International Business 18-19.doc  2 
   BA International Business Communication Top Up.doc  1 
   BA International Development 18-19.doc  2 
   BA International Hospitality Management Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BA International Logistics and Trade Finance Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BA International Relations & Politics 18-19.doc  1 
   BA International Tourism Management 18-19.docx  2 
   BA Live Event Production Top Up 19-20.doc  2 
   BA Management 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Management Degree Apprenticeship 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Marketing Management (Top-Up).doc  1 
   BA Marketing Management Top Up 18-19.doc  3 
   BA Marketing.doc  1 
   BA Politics.doc  1 
   BA Social Justice Studies 19-20.doc  1 
   BA Sports Marketing Management.doc  2 
   BA Sports Marketing.doc  1 
   BA Travel and Tourism.doc  1 
   BSc Accounting & Finance 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Banking & Financial Planning 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Construction Management (Top Up).doc  1 
   BSc Economics 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc International Accounting 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc International Banking & Finance 18-19 .doc  2 
   BSc Marketing Management 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Professional Accounting Top Up 19-20.doc  2 
   BSc Project Management 19-20.doc  1 
   Certificate in Management Studies.doc  1 
   Doctor of Business Administration.doc  2 
   Doctorate of Professional Practice 17-18 onwards.doc  1 
   FdA Accounting (Fast Track).doc  1 
   FdA Business Entrepreneurship 19-20.docx  1 
   FdA Leadership & Management 18-19.doc  2 
   FdA Supply Chain Leadership.doc  1 
   HND Business 18-19.doc  2 
   HND Travel & Tourism Management 18-19.docx  2 
   HND_FdA Business.doc  1 
   International Foundation Programme.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Accounting 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Advertising.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Business Computing.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Business Entrepreneurship.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Business.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Economics.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Events Management.doc  1 
   Joint Honours French.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Human Resource Management.doc  1 
   Joint Honours International Development.doc  1 
   Joint Honours International Poltics 19-20  2 
   Joint Honours Law 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Management 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Marketing Management 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Marketing.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Travel and Tourism Management.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Web Design.doc  1 
   Joint International Tourism Management 18-19.doc  2 
   LLB (Hons) Law 18-19.doc  2 
   LLB (Hons) Law Bloomsbury Institute 20-21.doc  1 
   LLB (Hons) Law Intensive 18-19.doc  2 
   LLM International Commercial Law 19-20.doc  1 
   LLM International Commercial Law.doc  3 
   LLM Multi Corporate Law.doc  1 
   LLM Transnational Rights & Security.doc  1 
   LLM in Legal Practice.doc  1 
   MA Economics for Business 19-20.doc  1 
   MA English Language Teaching.doc  1 
   MA Human Resource Management 19-20.doc  1 
   MA Human Resource Management Top Up.doc  1 
   MA International Hotel Management 19-20.docx  1 
   MA International Hotel Management.doc  2 
   MA International Relations 19-20.doc  2 
   MA International Relations.doc  1 
   MA International Tourism Development 19-20.docx  1 
   MA International Tourism Development.doc  2 
   MA International Tourism and Hospitality.doc  1 
   MA Leadership and Management.doc  1 
   MA Marketing Top Up.doc  1 
   MA Political Economics 19-20.doc  1 
   MA Social Innovation 19-20.doc  1 
   MBA Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship Programme Specification 18-19.doc  2 
   MSc Accounting & Finance 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Adolecent Psychotherapy 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Advanced Clinical Practice 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Advanced Clinical Practice Apprenticeship.doc  1 
   MSc Advanced Occupational Therapy 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Business Analytics 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Corporate Governance & Leadership.doc  1 
   MSc Corporate Governance and Leadership & Top Up.doc  1 
   MSc Economics 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc IT Service Management.doc  1 
   MSc International Banking & Finance 19-20.doc  2 
   MSc International Business Management 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc International Logistics.doc  1 
   MSc International Marketing Strategy 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc International Marketing Strategy.doc  1 
   MSc International Special Events Management 19-20.docx  1 
   MSc International Special Events Management.doc  1 
   MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Management and Pathways.doc  1 
   MSc Project Management 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Sport Management UCFB.doc  1 
   MSc Strategic Technology Management 19-20.doc  1 
   Master of Business Administration 19-20.doc  2 
   Postgrad Dip Human Resource Management 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development & Employability 19-20.doc  1 
   University Certificate in Human Resource management.doc  1 
   University Diploma in IT Service Management.doc  1 
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