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 Title  Current Version 
   BA Childhood and Youth 18-19.doc  1 
   BA Creative Writing 18-19.doc  3 
   BA Creative Writing.doc  1 
   BA Early Childhood Studies 19-20.doc  3 
   BA Early Years in Education with QTS.doc  1 
   BA Education Studies 18-19.doc  2 
   BA English 18-19.doc  3 
   BA History 18-19.doc  2 
   BA International Education Top Up.doc  1 
   BA Learning & Teaching 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Primary Education 2018-19 and 2019-20 for 2017 entry cohort only.doc  3 
   BA Primary Education 2018-19 for year 3 only.doc  3 
   BA Primary Education 3-7 2018-19 for year 3 only.doc  3 
   BA Primary Education 5-11 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Special Educational Needs and Inclusion 18-19.doc  2 
   Cert HE Children, Young People & Families Practitioner.doc  1 
   Certificate for Teaching Assistants in an International Context.doc  1 
   Certification of HE for Supporting Learners.doc  1 
   FdA Early Years.doc  3 
   FdA Learning and Teaching 18-19.doc  2 
   Graduate Diploma in Early Years Practice.doc  1 
   Graduate Diploma in Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP) 19-20.doc  1 
   JH History 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Creative Writing 18-19.doc  3 
   Joint Honours Education Studies.doc  1 
   Joint Honours English 18-19.doc  3 
   Joint Honours History.doc  2 
   MA Education (English Language Teaching)  1 
   MA Education (Leadership & Management).doc  2 
   MA Education 19-20.doc  1 
   MA English (Contemporary Literature) 19-20.doc  2 
   MA Fine Art 19-20.doc  1 
   MA History 19-20.doc  1 
   MA History.doc  3 
   MA Special Educational Needs & Inclusion (all pathways).doc  4 
   MA Teaching English for Academic Purposes .doc  1 
   MA Top Up in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) & Inclusion.doc  1 
   MSc Advanced Industrial Practice 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Computing All Pathways 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Engineering 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Lift Engineering 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Managing Waste and Environmental Resources 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert Leather Finishing - Automotive 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert Teaching in Higher Education.doc  1 
   PGCE (QTS) Early Years Education.doc  1 
   PGCE (QTS) Primary Education 3-7 19-20.doc  1 
   PGCE (QTS) Primary Education 5-11 19-20.doc  1 
   PGCE EYTS Early Years 0-5.doc  1 
   PGCE Early Years-Primary-Secondary.doc  1 
   PGCE Primary 3-7.doc  1 
   PGCE Secondary.doc  1 
   PGCE Top Up Early Years Primary Secondary 19-20.doc  1 
   PGCert Primary Mathematics Specialist Teacher 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Cert in Academic Practice 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate Maths Specialist.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate Primary English.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate Primary Maths.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate SENCO 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Leadership.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Computing.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Mathematics Specialist Teacher.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).doc  1 
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