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   BA Applied Criminal Justice Studies Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Applied Criminal Justice Studies Top Up.doc  2 
   BA Criminal and Corporate Investigations 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Criminology 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Football Studies 19-20.doc  1 
   BA Investigative Practice.doc  2 
   BA Policing 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Policing.doc  2 
   BA Professional Policing 19-20.doc  2 
   BA Professional Policing Practice.doc  1 
   BA Social & Community Development 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Social Care and Community Practice.doc  2 
   BA Social Justice Studies 19-20.doc  1 
   BA Social Work 18-19.doc  2 
   BA Social and Community Development.doc  1 
   BA Sociology 18-19.doc  3 
   BA Sociology 19-20.doc  2 
   BA Sport Development & Physical Education 18-19.doc  4 
   BA Sport Development & Physical Education 19-20.doc  2 
   BA Sport Development.doc  1 
   BSc Adult Nursing 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Applied Social Care & Health Programme Spec.doc  1 
   BSc Biomedical Science 19-20.doc  3 
   BSc Cancer Care (Top-Up).doc  1 
   BSc Childrens Nursing 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Development & Educational Psychology.doc  2 
   BSc Health & Social Care Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Human Bioscience 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Human Bioscience 19-20.doc  3 
   BSc Integrated Health & Social Care (Top Up).doc  1 
   BSc International Nursing Studies (Top-Up).doc  1 
   BSc Learning Disability Nursing 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Mental Health Care Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Mental Health Nursing 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Midwifery 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Nursing - All Pathways 19-20.doc  3 
   BSc Nursing in a Global Context (Top-Up).doc  1 
   BSc Occupational Therapy Degree Apprenticeship 19-20.doc  3 
   BSc Occupational Therpay 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Palliative and Supportive Care (Top-Up).doc  1 
   BSc Paramedic Science 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Podiatry 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Professional Practice (all pathways).doc  1 
   BSc Psychology (Counselling) 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Psychology (Developmental & Educational Psychology) 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Psychology 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing 18-19.doc  2 
   BSc Sport & Exercise Science 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Sport & Exercise Science 19-20.doc  2 
   BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology.doc  2 
   BSc Sports Coaching 19-20.doc  3 
   BSc Sports Performance & Coaching 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Sports Performance & Coaching Top Up 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Sports Performance & Coaching Top-up.doc  1 
   BSc Sports Performance & Coaching.doc  1 
   BSc Sports Therapy (Top-Up).doc  1 
   BSc Sports Therapy 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Sports Therapy Top Up 18-19.doc  3 
   BSc Strength & Conditioning 18-19.doc  4 
   BSc Strength & Conditioning.doc  1 
   Certificate in Higher Education Mental Healthcare 18-19.doc  2 
   Doctorate of Professional Practice 17-18 onwards.doc  1 
   Doctorate of Professional Practice.doc  1 
   FdA Offender Management.doc  2 
   FdA Police & Criminal Justice Services.doc  2 
   FdA Policing.doc  2 
   FdSc Sports Performance and Coaching.doc  1 
   FdSc Dental Nursing 18-19.doc  2 
   FdSc Health & Fitness 18-19.doc  4 
   FdSc Health & Social Care (Nursing Associate) Higher Apprenticeship 18-19.doc  2 
   FdSc Health & Social Care (Palliative & Supportive Care).doc  1 
   FdSc Health & Social Care 18-19.doc  1 
   FdSc Health & Social Care Nursing Associate 18-19.doc  3 
   FdSc Health and Social Care (Acute and Community Care and other pathways).doc  1 
   FdSc Health and Social Care (Reablement and other pathways).doc  1 
   FdSc Mental Health.doc  1 
   FdSc Paramedic Science 18-19.doc  2 
   FdSc Professional Practice (Pre Hospital Care) Top Up 18-19.doc  2 
   FdSc Sports Performance and Coaching 18-19.doc  3 
   FdSc Sports Therapy 18-19.doc  3 
   Grad Cert in Enhanced Evidence Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 19-20.doc  1 
   Grad Cert in Wellbeing Practice (Children and Young People) 19-20.doc  1 
   Graduate Certificate in EEBP.doc  2 
   Graduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Applied Social Care.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Criminology 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Health Studies 18-19.doc  4 
   Joint Honours Health Studies 19-20.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Human Biosciences.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Psychology 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Psychology 19-20.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Social Care.doc  1 
   Joint Honours Sociology 18-19.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Sociology 19-20.doc  2 
   Joint Honours Sports Studies 18-19.doc  2 
   MA Children, Young People, Families and Carers.doc  1 
   MA Social Work (and associated awards).doc  1 
   MA Social Work 18-19.doc  2 
   MA Social Work.doc  2 
   MA Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy 19-20.docx  1 
   MA Transpersonal Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy.docx  1 
   MA Transpersonal and Psychotherapy Programme Specification 2019-2021.docx  1 
   MA Youth & Community Work.doc  1 
   MA Youth and Community Leadership Programme Specification.docx  1 
   MSc Advanced Podiatry.doc  1 
   MSc Advanced Professional Practice (Occupational Therapy).doc  1 
   MSc Advanced Professional Practice.doc  2 
   MSc Advancing Practice 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Applied Cancer Studies.doc  1 
   MSc Applied Psychology (Child & Adolescent Practice).doc  1 
   MSc Applied Psychology (Counselling).doc  1 
   MSc Applied Psychology Programme Specification.docx  1 
   MSc Applied Psychology.doc  1 
   MSc Autonomous Healthcare Practice.doc  1 
   MSc Business & Organisational Psychology.doc  1 
   MSc Child & Adolescent Mental Health 18-19.doc  1 
   MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Clinical & Counselling Psychology.doc  1 
   MSc Community Practice.doc  1 
   MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy Prog Spec.docx  1 
   MSc Counselling 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Counselling Children and Young People 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Criminology.doc  1 
   MSc Health Studies.doc  1 
   MSc Human Bioscience.doc  1 
   MSc Integrated Urbanism.doc  1 
   MSc Leadership for Health & Social Care.doc  1 
   MSc Mental Health.doc  1 
   MSc Nursing.doc  1 
   MSc Practice Education.doc  1 
   MSc Psychology 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Public Health 18-19.doc  1 
   MSc Public Sociology.doc  1 
   MSc Quality Improvement and Patient Safety NGH 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Top Up) 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc Sports Therapy.doc  2 
   MSc Strength & Conditioning 18-19.doc  1 
   MSc in Public Health 19-20.doc  1 
   MSc in Strength & Conditioning 19-20.doc  1 
   Master of Clinical Research.doc  1 
   PG Cert Leading Compassionate Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert Low Intensity Supervision Training 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert in Adult Critical Care 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert in Advanced Neuroscience Care and Rehabilitation 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert in Advanced Person Centred Ophthalmic Care 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert in Practice Education 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Cert in Wellbeing Practice (Children and Young People) 19-20.doc  1 
   PG Diploma in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing.doc  1 
   Post Grad Dip Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (School Nurse, Health Visitor) 19-20.doc  1 
   Post Grad Dip in Education Mental Health Practitioner (EMHP) 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgrad Cert in Enhanced Evidence Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgrad Dip in Systemic Family Practice 19-20.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate Psychological Wellbeing Practice.doc  2 
   Postgraduate Certificate Renal and Urology Care 18-19.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Critical Care 18-19.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Person Centred Ophthalmic Care.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Enhanced Evidence Based Practice.doc  3 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Leading Compasstionate Excellence in Nursing & Midwifery.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Practice Education  1 
   Postgraduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership.docx  1 
   Postgraduate Diploma in Community Practice (District Nursing).doc  1 
   Postgraduate Diploma in Education Mental Health Practitioner.doc  1 
   Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Family Practice.doc  3 
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