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 Title  Current Version 
   Validation Handbook 2019-20.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Appendix A - Initial Information Meeting Agenda.doc  3 
   Validation Handbook Appendix B - Validation Documentation.doc  3 
   Validation Handbook Appendix C - Role of the Curriculum Records Team.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Appendix D - Internal Faculty Meeting.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Appendix E - Panel Discussion Items.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Appendix F - Guidance for Panel Chairs.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL1 - Panel Form.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL10 - External Academic Report Form - Correspondence.doc  4 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL11 - Employer Representative Report Form.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL12 - Foundation Degree Mapping Pro Forma.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL13 - CAIeRO sign-off.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL14 - Internal Academic Report Form - Online  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL15 - External Academic Report Form - Online.doc  1 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL2 - Rationale Template.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL3 - Validation Report Template.doc  4 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL4 - Internal Faculty Meeting Outcome.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL5 - Panel Briefing Note Template.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL6 - Report Approval Template.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL7 - Conditions Approval Template.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL8 - Standard Agenda.doc  2 
   Validation Handbook Form VAL9 - Programme Information Form Template.docx  4 
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